Monday, November 17, 2014

The Littlest, Whiniest Robot

Who wants more Rex the Robot?? WE ALL DO. (Stupid question.)

This installment of GALAXY REVOLT brings up the cogent question of what makes a hero?

First Requisite: said hero tucks his new gun in his belt. Duh.

Requisite the Second: the hero has metal for a face, and whines a bit.

Requisite the Third: a sarcastic wit. That would be the narrator, mocking Mark for his brillant deduction. So by transitive logic that makes ME Q.E.D. the true hero of this narrative. At last it all makes sense quod demonstradum erat quis licet probabilis dickus.

Hey, Mark can tuck his new gun in his belt, but I'll take my narcissus any day.

Next Week: More tromping through the underbrush. Rex gets a thistle caught in his crotch RAM. He whines.

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