Monday, October 13, 2014

This Montrous Planet

Is it true that the Russians are bankrolling American environmentalists to stop fracking here to protect their own natural gas profits? That, and other topics, will be the subject of today's GALAXY REVOLT. *cue Bach*

What's that big spot? Why, deforestation! Good to know that in the 29th century the wheels of industy will still be turning as we plunder and rape the resources of other galaxies. And whatnot!

In the future Greenpeace will be known as Starpeace. Or maybe just Starchild. And they'll start a band called The Planet Huggers.

And after the planets are saved, we'll be feelin' fine, like Chris Knight! (As long as he doesn't sing...)

Enough of this crap. What's on TV tonight? Something non-good no doubt!

So much to watch, so much time! PURE HEAVEN

Next Week: Sorry, I'll be staring into Chris Knight's demented face for a lifetime.

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