Monday, September 15, 2014

Tiny Spectrums of Infro-Light (With Large Spectrums of Jheri-Curl)

In this GALAXY REVOLT we learn why Sir Isaac Newton was wrong about the nature of light. I mean, it was all infro-light! DUH

Last week we learned that Kiligula can blush. Of course, that's only natural as he's opening a box. "There she is!" he exclaims and squints from how bright her stone is. That's right: Kiligula is a squinter. And a pervert. A squinty perverted reptile. Can't wait to see the action figure!

Then there's Craig. He likes to drop the 'g' bomb. As in, dropping it from his words, yo.

Craig also croaks with happiness. He's MC Froggy. He be croakin' dem mad rhymes about the lily pad and mackin' on all dem fine tadpole hoes.

Squinting. Croaking. It's called character development, people!

Next Week: We learn that desieces is a sickness when you get sudden pains from reading GALAXY REVOLT. So keep reading, dummy!

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