Monday, September 8, 2014

Kiligula Blushed a Little; Didn't Reply; Dropped His Robe

Well, it's no SUPER CROW, but GALAXY REVOLT will have to do for our daily dose of Monday mayhem.

Kiligula just keeps getting more and more interesting, doesn't he? He's some sort of lizard-type creature...

The type David Icke warns us about.

(Well-known Star Trek fact: the Reptile was the much better actor.)

And yet this reptile blushes like a school girl. But I'd blush too if I took a key out of my shoulder padding.

So Kiligula is a reptilian humanoid creature who favors high fashion. Thank God Craig is there to point his finger and mock him WITHOUT MERCY.

Though maybe he should be careful. Because of the whole Illuminati Babylonian thing....

Next Week: The finger will be pointed at you, the reader. You stupid idiot.

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