Monday, September 1, 2014

Aha, I Think... I Think...... Yes, I Think I Found It!

Enough of the ha ha cartoon crap. Time to get elbow-deep again into the guts of GALAXY REVOLT.

Manuel might be a bad-ass, but there is one thing he fears: bubbling lava. Because when you touch it it's really hot and stuff. And what could be worse than a box falling into molten lava?

Next thing you know robes will be dropped. A volcano will explode. Dishes will get loaded.

But no worries! Manuel searches and searches for the small compact quivering box--and finds it! And guess who's really turned on in a creepy way? Kiligula!

"Yesssssss," he says, a bit of slobber dribbling from his reptile lips. "Me likey!"

Together they take the box to the galactic mattress. Tune in next week for all the pounding! And how fiat currency works in outer space!

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