Monday, August 11, 2014

I Don't Know If It's Worth It!

In this GALAXY REVOLT we find our back molars tingling from all the rising tension. When they land on the planet will there be ferious, ugly creatures? Let's hope! Will there be a lot of trouble? Dear God there better be! Will Mark look insecure? HEARTSTOPPING SUSPENSE

Meanwhile, Craig rests his head on his hand. Getting very... very sleepy...

But throughout it all, Kiligula maintains his alien sangfroid, his precious elan, his bubbling brio! In other words, he has no idea what the fuck is going on.

"Check!' George says, flicking a few controls.

But where is Manuel?

Probably stuffed into the luggage compartment with Rex. But no worries--he'll come out a-blastin' once they land on the planet. Because when there's a delicate ecosystem to smash, he's your man!! manuel, I mean!!!

(I think I'll have Jim Woodring do the illustrations for the graphic novel release of Galaxy Revolt. Here's his rendering of Kiligula. SPOT ON)

Next Week: The tinier the landing space, the better. Things are about to get real dirty. (I guess I need to get a woman.)

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