Monday, July 28, 2014

Still Complaining Agressively

In this GALAXY REVOLT we learn about automatic transmissions and duel carburetors. Because how can you revolt if you don't know how to use a stick shift??

Sadly, the scene where Kiligula teaches George how to control the ship manually and automatically is glossed over. I mean, this is the MEAT of the chapter!

"Okay," said Kiligula, "this here is your camshaft and manifold. Now ease out on the clutch... EASE OUT! Yeah, okay, now release the brake and glide... DAMNIT GLIDE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!... And bring it into a controlled crash on this planet here. Okay. That's it for today. Tomorrow I'll teach you how we do it on Erns, if you catch my meaning."

"No, let's go again! Come on! And get everyone cramned into a small ship!" (Cramned is cross between damned and crucifixion.)

And then... sigh... we have Rex, the cranky robot. He doesn't just complain. He AGRESSIVELY complains.

"Goddamn this shit. I'm so sick and TIRED of being on my goddamn back!! I mean, does my Intel parallel processing CPU Linux compression system mean nothing to you people?!? Am I just a sex robot for you?!? Wait...."

Don't worry, Rex. Your suffering will soon be over as we only have fifty pages left!!

Next Week: A drawing of Kiligula and Rex having sex, on Erns.

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