Monday, June 23, 2014

What About Me? I'm The One That That Grabbed The Thing!

In this GALAXY REVOLT, the adventure with the key comes to a satisfactory conclusion. I mean, unsatisfactory. I keep getting those terms mixed down. Up.

Just as a grain of sand can be a portal into the mind of God (according to some lousy poet), a misplaced comma leads us into the confused brain of our young idiot author.

"Nice, work Kiligula!"

Did I really think there was a pause between nice and work? Maybe I was having a hard time catching my breath because of the beauty of my prose stylings?

"You, are welcome."

"Why don't you, blow me."

"Avatar is a really great, movie."

Enough of, this. Time to go to Palesa. And then off to Erns. DEAR GOD THE EXCITEMENT NEVER, ENDS!!!

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