Monday, May 19, 2014

Carrying The So-Badly Wanted Key

A good novel should have the capacity to surprise on every page. GALAXY REVOLT has not this capacity, in spades, but the word "suddenly" tries very hard to make us think something surprising is going on, in the hole.

Suddenly: "YOUCH!"

Now that's good dialogue tagging! Simple, pure, direct. If only other great works followed this example.

Suddenly: "Call me Ishmael!"

Suddenly: "Then they realized they were no longer little girls, but little women!"

Suddenly: "The reader threw down his copy of GALAXY REVOLT with a shout of disgust!"

But meanwhile Craig is up to his armpits in a hole. No worries. Blasting stuff will always solve the problem.

Not that we're compensating or anything.

Next Week: Small animals and smaller holes--The Richard Gere Story

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