Monday, May 26, 2014

Blasting Away At Small Animals LOL

A good novel like GALAXY REVOLT allows the reader to live out their fantasies. In this case, it's shooting the shit out of little rat-like animals on an alien world. If that doesn't spin your meat wheel, folks, nothing will.

And what are these small, defenseless animals that like to run off with magical keys and get blasted by lasers? Why, they're rabouses. A rabouse is a cross between a mop and a caboose, and see they.... uh... Well, maybe this cartoon will help explain it all.

It doesn't? Well, knock me upside my head with a pud basket!

The point is, these things need blasting. And a-blastin' they will get YAWWWWH!!

Next Week: Blasting it again. And again. (It feels so damn good.)

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