Monday, April 14, 2014

Gee, I Getting Tried Of Walking

Eleven years old is the age when a boy finds his voice. And that voice is sarcasm. A time when he starts to give his Grandma "lip." When he learns to "sass." When he starts talking "jive" and saying "ways out."

And how does one signify one's sarcastic savoir faire, you ask? By starting your sarcasm with a "Gee."

In sixth grade I got into a verbal kerfuffle with Tracy Witherspoon. I said to someone later: "She makes no sense--either way." A bing bam POW. So despair not, parents of young budding hoodlums, we all think we're funny when we're not and so we should take a walk in an abandoned parking lot.

On another topic, have you forgotten Rex the robot? Apparently so did the author!

I guess all this writing was tiring my patience and I getting tried of this crap.

Next Week: Twenty Little Holes--the Shia LaBeouf Story.