Monday, April 28, 2014

Do You See Any Other Glowing Holes?

In this slice of heaven known as GALAXY REVOLT we see when galactic heroes stop being nice and start getting REAL.

But, really, calling someone "lunkhead" is a bit much.

Manuel is like Puck in his need for conflict and attention. Doesn't he know they need to get inside that glowing hole (Pedro) and win immunity for his tribe?

King of the Lunkheads

At least Kiligula is mature enough to walk away from all the arguements being fought. He has an orgy with a horse to get to, after all.

Next Week: New Dance Craze: Throwing Our Hands At Our Sides!!!

(P.S. I see that I'm not the only young idiot who wrote a terrible book. So where is GALAXY REVOLT's full-length BBC production starring Geoffrey Rush and Ben Kingsley and Jim Broadbent and Emma Thompson?? (Wait, forget Emma--no chicks allowed in this galaxy, baby.)

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