Monday, March 17, 2014

Such A Short Enternity Ago

In this GALAXY REVOLT we enjoy a medley of Joycean portmanteau word play and onanistic onomatopoeia.

Is it possible to have suspense more ratchet-y???

"Your warning was to..... late." said Sonic 6.

The eager reader is breathlessly left to ponder those five points. Was Sonic 6 being ironically dramatic, as in Thanks dickweed for the warning that was to...... late. Or was it wistful at the evanescence of the life of a Sonic robot? Your warning could not save his doom.... to late. Or was it just a statement of fact with a catch in the robot's speaking apparatus? Your warning was to.... *eeergh, can't breathe, oh there we go*...... to late.

Sonic 6: Your warning was to..... late.

But on to the Joycean wordplay! "Extuinquishing" is clearly a mix of Extinguish and Squish. Like a Lewis Carroll fantasy, the bad planet will be squished into a fire ball before being extinguished jesus I'm high.

Next Week: Huge Solar Balls!

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