Monday, February 3, 2014

Set Your Lasers At Stun!

In this GALAXY REVOLT we learn about adverbial clauses in apposition to the passive periphrastic and how sexy it all is.

Hm. Did it ever occur to my little brain that it was perhaps slightly confusing for the reader that the clones are called cliods and there's a Cliod they are fighting?

"Master? I have a question?"

"YES," bellows Gala-xaster furiously.

"Which cliod is trying to deativate us?"

"Not cliod, dummy. Cliod. Watch out for him."

"Not cliod but Cliod."




"SORRY, CHEIFTAIN!" said the cliod in perfect harmony.

"Oh, and tell anyone who wasn't here. I haven't set up my email account yet!!!!"


They (the cliods, not Cliod) shouldn't worry, though. Gala-xaster had a laser installed inside of himself for better protection.

"Uh, what...?"

Gala-xaster sighs loudly inside his tin face. "It's a laser. You know, inside me. It gives us less and less a chance of being deativated!!!"

"So the laser shoots at cliod-- Sorry, Cliod, if he tries to--"


The laser better be ribbed for his own pleasure.

Enough comedy! We might as well take over the.........

Next Week: Completion of that sentence!!

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