Monday, November 11, 2013

White Galaxy Down

In this GALAXY REVOLT we have the kind of bantering blathering bickering that really adds spice to your action scene, and stuff.

"Mr President, with all due respect, how do you LOSE A ROCKET LAUNCHER?!"

But the difference is, Channing Tatum is a hunk. And if there's anything I hate, is hunks. Kiligula, conversely, is just a Roman emperor.

"We must find out where we are and how far away the key is!"

"Mr Emperor, how do you LOSE A KEY?!"

"Wait. Here it is, in my side pocket."

"Oh. Okay, then."

No, not the same sizzle. Oh, well. Maybe GALAXY REVOLT would make a better community theater dramedy?

Next Week: Who names their kid "Channing"? I mean, am I right?

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