Friday, October 11, 2013

*click* Rumble!!!

Here's a JOHNSON FOLLIES that defies all rational thought, sort of a like a Zen koan but much less funny.

Okay. It seems that Snoopy has a laboratory on the other side of the cellar. Mm. And with this "laboratory" he rigs a complicated machine that uses paddles to "shake" the cinderblock wall and thereby simulate an "earthquake" in an effort to create an inconvience and a "mere" "annoyance." Ugh. I think I'm running out of quotation "marks."

Anyway, it really doesn't make any sense. The crying of 49 gets the earthquake to abate momentarily--meaning that Snoopy stopped his machine out of fear and that during emergencies people should yell more?

But at least there's a chance that everyone will die.

Next Week: Damnit, I have to stop peeking ahead.

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