Monday, October 7, 2013

A New Problem!

In this GALAXY REVOLT we leave Terror! for Dragoon! What a journey!!

At the end of the chapter, we are treated to an author's note that is just simply wrong. It should read thusly:

Author's Note: This novel is not in need of an Author's Note. No one gives a shit about George Cliod's robot. In fact, who the hell is George Cliod's robot? Who is George Cliod?? I guess we'll never find out, which is a good thing because, you know.

The next chapter begins ominously with no Author's Note. How the hell are we supposed to understand what's going on?! But at least Kiligula is pointing the way. And we learn his skin is green. Could this be the origins story of a beloved holiday character?

"Who wants Christmas ruined?"

"Oh no!" is right, George.

Next Week: Erns Planet has a Jim Carrey convention.

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