Friday, September 20, 2013

Rich Are Different (But Joke Is Not Rich)

In this JOHNSON FOLLIES we get a glimpse into how the one percenters REALLY live.

See? It seems they live in a big museum with busts on pedestals and giant polished floors. Holy crap it's SWANKY. And get a load of Sir Crispus Reginald Maximillian Hornsworth III--he wears an ascot wide enough to wipe a baby's ass with. A baby made of GOLD.

Finally, in panel three we have a puzzling narration box that tells us "A Day Later:"

Uh... Is this implying that the rich are slow on the uptake sometimes? After nearly splitting himself in two, Sir Crispus only now resolves to stop falling into shit. Fitzgerald was right: The rich are retarded.

Next Week: The rich eat the poor ha ha.

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