Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Trip To Montrose

In Montrose I found a super piece of literature.

But I should first backtrack and talk about my lovely trip to Montrose, cuz the title of this post demands it. I rented a 2014 Chevy Impala and zipped off into the mountains for my first trip into said mountains in years. The mountains were big and stuff, with trees. Some were yellow. Others were green. Ocean. Big. Blue. I'm a poet! I zoomed past Fairplay and thought about eating there, but I did not. Then I zabbed by some other bumfuck mountain town and thought of eating there, but I did not. In fact, I got all the way to Gunnison before I stopped at some fumbuck diner and ate lots o' grease. Then I got back on the road, thought about turning into oncoming traffic several times (more a matter for my therapist), listened to some local '80s radio (I mistook Big Country for Echo & The Bunnyman for a minute, sorry, Andy), checked into my motel, made the acquaintance of PASSAGES in brochure form, and then headed off to the wedding ceremony. Then I came back to my motel and wondered if I would have time to shoot on over to The Springs. Instead, after a nap, I drove around Montrose and got lost quite predictably and thought how much I hate On The Road and beatniks in general. Then I thought of my days in Charlotte NC, another city where I knew no one and just sort of tooled around feeling like Mary Shelley's Last Man, and what not. I got to the reception and wished my good friend Sara a happy marriage and then sat with Vanessa who had a big Picasso on her back and her boyfriend Jon who is a program director for this thing called a radio(?). A good time was had by all and I ate something greasy for dinner and returned to my motel and went to sleep after watching a laughable newscast from Grand Junction with a chunky lady stumbling through her teleprompt news. I hugged myself asleep, smirking.

In the morning, I awoke refreshed and thought about my plans to visit the Biblical experience in Colorado Springs. But then I felt very lazy and decided to do something much lazier instead.

Some people just don't understand art, least of all me.

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