Friday, April 26, 2013

Negative Space

Apparently, I was super busy on March 21, 1979 watching Skylab's orbit decay or President Carter reassure the nation's fears about malaise, because, damn, this JOHNSON FOLLIES is the kind of lazy hackwork I expect from Mort Walker or Mel Lazarus, but not me, damnit, not me.

Ah yes, the burning question of who will be "2nd captain." But who are "they"? The tri-lateral commission? Monsanto? And why doesn't Mark know? And why should anyone care? And why so many questions?

But back to the plot. Two boys walking. And talking. And then they stop at a dog. Who is standing upright and points at himself. Sadly, he really just wants to be fed. Won't someone please put some food in the dog's mouth? Preferably a shank of something?

Anyway. Done. *claps hands*

Time to hit the links! (Sausage links.) (On the internet.)

Next Week: Overachiever Award Goes To Young Cartoonist. Mort and Mel Angry.

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  1. I don't think I gave you permission to use my name in this post. Permissions granted. You're welcome.