Friday, April 12, 2013

Hombre Mike Conjugates Semi-Deponent Verbs!!

Hombre Mike, the comic world's most gratuitous and baffling hero, continues to hold THE JOHNSON FOLLIES hostage. At least until he gets a movie deal with Warners. Or a TV series. Or a chicken pot pie. Come on, people, give this crazy dog something.

Our negro friend, Cliff, has rightly sacrificed the ability to see clearly for the sake of fashion. Indeed, he is unable to discern what kind of creature is brandishing a hair dryer until said creature is practically upon him. Then, in order to get an eyeful, he bugs out an eyeball from below his hip spades... er, I mean, shades.

Cliff isn't much of a character. Sure, he's got the afro hair, the denim pimp cap, swirly-print shirts and mirrored sunglasses, but he's lacking something. He's lacking something crucial.....

Ah, the catchphrase! On the other hand, he's not suffering a stroke either. (Don't look into JJ's eyes or you'll suffer a stroke yourself.)

Meanwhile, Hombre Mike announces that he is ready to help the kids with their French and Latin homework. At last! Our hero reveals his awesome superpowers!!

If only my own Latin teacher had worn a bandoleer back in high school. And been a dog. And spoke by thought balloon. Man, that would've been sweet. In fact, it might have been....... din-o---


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