Monday, April 22, 2013

Galactic Death Penalty

In this GALAXY REVOLT our heroes come up with something kind of silly. And isn't it about time??

That's right--bring on the "solar ball"! Yes, the type of solar ball that can swallow up a fleet of space-ships, that type of solar ball. This solar ball will be created by, uh, guns. As Craig says: "We got the guns, now were do we install them?" Does this guy sound like an NRA member or what?

Meanwhile, Gala-xaster is impatienly waiting for news about his adversary's capture so he can publicly disintegrate him. All that's missing is the tight shot of Gala-xaster as he chews some robot scenery.

"Don't let him escape. Seize him, you fools! I want him dead! Etc etc!"

This at least creates a sense of anticipation on the reader's part. Could it be we'll actually have a public execution sometime soon? I can think of some good ways to do it...

Next Week: Everyone dies.

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