Monday, March 11, 2013

The Adenventrous Types

Again we turn the page on another chapter of GALAXY REVOLT, and with great trepidation look ahead to Chapter Eight--Out In Space.

Here the prose takes on a magisterial weight and density that-- krrrzt! krblam! Eh, why finish a sentence when you can interrupt it with a blaster? I need to start doing this more in my own fiction.

"Johnny was just a small town thug who drank beer, made love to his old lady and-- krrrzt! krblam!"

"From out of the plain rose a huge volcano that erupted all over the naked lovers and-- krrzt! krblam!"

"The nuclear blast went off forming a mushroom cloud in the shape of a-- krrzt! krblam!"

"It had taken hours, but at last the colicky baby fell-- krrzt! krblam!"

As for the beginning of the next chapter, things are getting a little crowded. It seems we have some silicon and WHOLE LOTTA sausage. I mean, is it really necessary to have SIX guys and a robot? Then again, that sounds like a great new romcom space movie:


They Bicker And Blast! They Find Morges! They Have No Idea What A Human Female Is!

Coming Soon To A-- Krrzt Krblam!

(Jesus, I see that George has a servant too, presumably phallicly endowed. With this burgeoning cast of characters, this is turning into War & Peace. But instead we should call it Boys & Boys & Boys.)

Next Week: They don't know why, but the fellas in Trio are BLASTING lasers all over the place!! (Men, amirite, ladies?)

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