Monday, December 3, 2012

Very Sneakly

Hey, we're all the way up to PAGE TEN of GALAXY REVOLT!! Just another 220 pages to go! Groan all you want, me hearties, but thy eyeballs will be press-ganged for the voyage entire!

For those who love rich, textured characterizations, for those who love Richardson's subtle psychological portrait of Clarissa, for those who can't get enough plunging into the heart of darkness of a fellow human being ala Leopold Bloom, then you've.... uh... er...
I don't know how to end that sentence.
Anyway, here we have Husky. The strong, silent type.

 Here we have Mark. He's a little weakling.

OKAY! That'll do it for character development and all that crap. Who needs "hearts in conflict with themselves" anyway? Bring on the laser gun fights!!
Wait... what's this? We're not even getting that? Ugh. Something about a runaway robot and the crazy chase scene that is about to ensue. Cue kooky music for IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD GALAXY. North! South! Where WON'T they run off to??
(Our Trio isn't exactly brilliant. They are told their robot got away "northward," so they naturally walk "southward"? Uh, they're crazy like space foxes...?)
"Rex," if that is his real name, having very sneakly made off on his little rollers (somehow), proceeds to inform his master, Manuel, about the plot of the book so far.
 Ah yes, Manuel. See how he combs his hair in Hitleresque fashion and looks off to the side as if to ask, "Why am I here?" But, being polite, he hangs around in the book because, you know, he's Manuel. THAT'S WHAT MANUEL DOES.
Manuel politely listens to his idiot robot's breathless story when...
Wow. That's three "meanwhiles" on just two pages! That's right: there is so much excitement in GALAXY REVOLT that our narrator must constantly interrupt himself.
"Well, it all started when I got her clothes off and turns out she's really a dude, so then..."
"Yeah, the zombies started eating my mom's brains right in front of me, but I..."
"So the alien spaceship crashed with a huge fireball into downtown Manhattan which..."
Next week: More stories crashing and clanging and meanwhiling! Avast!!

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