Monday, November 5, 2012


Hold on to your space-belts, people, because the action in this installment of GALAXY REVOLT is about to get SUPER INTENSE!!!

Our opening chapter Captured! concerns George Cliod (he of the floating severed head) and how he treated his over-best robot "very kindly." But what does he get in return? A taking advantage over! Perfidious outrage! So George does the only thing he can do in such a situation: he sends Gala-xaster to the small galaxy lapidary, plus shipping and handling.
As it turns out, Gala-xaster is not an easy name to pronounce--that's because we humans lack the prognarthous ligament in our sinuiod cavities. But try it anyway! It's fun!
So who/what is Guluh-ax-scastuh? (That's the best I can do.) A cross between a vacuum cleaner, hazmat suit, and my grandmother, Gala-xaster is bent on opening a can of tinkertoy on yo' ass and, uh, dominating the galaxy and stuff. But, hey, why talk about one robot when you can bring in more?


Any questions?
But what's this? Another story is being born? Yes, just as we are getting emotionally invested in the Gala-xaster story, we are ripped away to another borning story. No, not boring. Borning! Jeesh. Here we get introduced to our plucky pal, Rex, a maniod's best friend and part vampire. True, his robot lineage is not pure per se, as he is a disgusting mongrel mixture of cliod, maniod and a bunch of other -iods and ends, but we love Rex all the same.
So now that we care about Rex, what happens? He rolls into a trap and gets his metal ass electrocuted by tree branches! Question marks indeed, Rex! 
Oh, well. Maybe we'll fall in love with some other character?
Er... maybe not. 

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