Monday, November 26, 2012

Robot Pawing

This week's GALAXY REVOLT caters to those with a specific fetish for human/robot petting, heavy or otherwise.

Everyone else, look away. I said, LOOK AWAY.

Still, can you blame the people for "pawing"? Look at Rex's lovable face! Don't you just want to paw his diodes and pinch his shiny metal cheeks and stroke his, uh, neck fins....?
Then again, I think we can say robot-pawists are sick freaks who should be locked up.
But Rex is "saved" by three men. Hmm. I wonder who these three are? This trio (*cough*) of dudes at least find the price reasonable--but they forgot to paw their new robot! Now their robot slave has made off on his little rollers. Heh heh. Space sex farce. Is there anything better?
Thus begins Chapter Three, entitled "Escaped!" In the tradition of mid-evil manuscripts, the initial letter has a delightful, if crude, flourish.
While the Middle Ages were a time of plague, chastity belts, dwarfs with +2 broad axes, and get-rich-with-indulgences schemes, they still knew how to spruce up a block of dreary text!
In the spirit of those much-lamentable times, I have decided to inaugurate a fan contest to see who can draw the best and most elaborate initial letters for GALAXY REVOLT. This will be...
You say there's already an entry?
Wow. Okay. This just in. Our entry comes all the way from Indonesia--if that is the country's real name--and it decorates the letter "B."
Ermnh. Okay, let's try a little harder, people. COME ON.

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