Monday, November 12, 2012

Galactic Venture Capitalism

In this update of GALAXY REVOLT we turn the page on one chapter and begin another. Just as we are doing as a country. Romney won, right?.........


What the... Why didn't anyone tell me?!?!?

Oh well. Let's get back to the robots.

Our hero Rex regains his rollers to find that he has been captured for the intergalactic slave market. Instead of being melted down, he will soon be led in chains to the market and have his robot teeth inspected and his chest circuits thumped by wealthy space farmers.
Then he'll be placed in the "cavern" with the other paratiods and maniods and other somesuch robots from various primitive far-off planets.
Once he starts serving his new master, who knows what miscast wise men he'll meet along his journey to catch the real killers?
But first we have to set a price. What are paratiods going for these days? Forty solomacas chips? Ninety Husky coins? A million Cliod diodes??  
"I think he'll...."
Damn this arbitrary two pages a week schedule! Now we'll have to wait a whole week to find out Rex's asking price on the slave market! Though I suppose this gives us ALL a reason to fight our way through another week of our wretched lives.
Expect to be disappointed. 

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