Monday, October 8, 2012

Acting Ravishly

Sadly enough, our Prologue comes to an end. Satisfying? OF COURSE IT IS. How dare you question the Homeric might and majesty of GALAXY REVOLT?!?

How many prologues have characters acting "ravishly"?? None. I feel confident in saying that. In the history of letters: none. So that's something, isn't it?
Perhaps the only faults I can find with a jeweler's loupe is the promiscuous use of semi-colons. Just as the action is really heating up ("Mark and Craig pulled their guns out as though; they were a team.") we come across some bizarre pauses--as if the film editor dropped a few frames; or the storyteller needed to catch his breath because of the unbearable excitement of it all. 
Then again, maybe the nonsequitur semi-colon is just what we need more of these days.
"Iran is about to; build a nuclear bomb."
"John received the news that the; cancer was spreading all over his; genitals."
"The puppy; wagged its stubby tail before; shooting everyone; dead with lasers; from its dewy eyes."
But is there any doubt that Husky is our true hero of this story? He picks up two men AND hurdles them at the same time!! WTF. Do you see Daniel Craig pulling that shit? NO. (Well, maybe. I'll never see his films due to my boycott of Hollywood since they perversely refuse to make GALAXY REVOLT into a blockbuster.)
Husky, our musclar hero, now deigns to join the others ("somehow"), and now... trumpet flourish... they are TRIO.
So what adventures await this TRIO?? They will get Captured! (pp. 1-4), find themselves Out In Space (pp. 37-56), and get into a Jungle Mess! (pp. 202-229). Hell, what more does Hollywood need? I just don't understand movies anymore. It makes; me ravishly; furious.

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