Thursday, August 30, 2012


The hottest book of the century already seems rather lame so, in my clepsydral effort to refine and improve this blogg thing, I want to change its brand name to the max. Vote in the comments for which title you think is best and you'll get a tiny sneer to wobble across my face. Or do what I always do and NEVER VOTE. Nerver. Nerber nerver nerber erber nerber.

Greggy Style

Cat's in the Cradle

Me Hate Me

Did I Blow Myself?

The Room

Legalize Hemp

Boner Poop

Uncle Cracker's Free Downloadable Porn Fun-Time Jamboree

Daddy Didn't Love Me (Mommy Too)

The Pork Sword Alliance

Moby-Dick, or The Blog

Mathematica Principia

C Minus Minus

Create Dollars of Multiple Streams of Income For Tax-Free Shelters of Instant Wealth


The winner will be announced at the downtown Regency Hyatt on Smarch 2, so get your votes in now!!


  1. Here's some possibilities:

    Greg's Anatomy
    Uh Oh, No Joke Now
    Peeing in the Gene Pool
    The David Schoenhals Principal
    Mitt Romney - For a Better America
    Salt-peter oysters
    Three Times One Minus One Minus One
    Miami Vice Made My Dad What He Was (Perfect Moment of Truth)
    My Mother is a Fish
    The Custodian Whisperer

  2. What possibilities!! I like:

    Did I blow myself?
    Uncle Cracker's Free Downloadable Porn Fun-Time Jamboree
    The David Schoenhals Principal
    My Mother Is a Fish

    I will try to think of some clever suggestions!

  3. I have to go with Andy's "Peeing in the Gene Pool."