Friday, August 31, 2012

A La Recherche du Temps Folie Comique

Page Two of our ongoing Proustian excavation, JOHNSON FOLLY is sure to rival Njal's Saga for complexity and internecine strife. As the oldest brother, I apparently felt entitled to be a towering jerkwad of the highest order. So Chris thinks that the blatant Snoopy rip-off in the cage is an elephant--is that any reason to shout at the poor retard? And what's up with his apparel? Was it somehow inspired by this? 

Or this?
I'll leave it to scholars to hash it out. Also, why Chris was black in an all-white family.
This cartoon atrocity was committed 34 years ago. 
As a helpful metric, this "comic" was also published 34 years ago. 
Now, I ask you, which was better? The published cartoon was weirdly truncated for some pomo reason! I mean, Jesus! Whoever you are, Jim Davis, learn how to do a COMPLETE cartoon!!

The punchline "gag" has a burst of intellectual gibberish spouted by Mark (as he swoops in with a Joycean onomatopoeia "TWHOT!"--a hot twat?). This is funny because... uh... because intellectuals are Devo-hatted dweebs who need a good punching very so often? Sure. Just as true today as it was in 1978!

When do the Eighties get here?

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