Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Today we learn new vocabulary words like "conglomerate" and "archetypical" and "fustianly pretentious." There will be a test after class.

(I assume these fancy words were meant to help me get laid. AND DID IT EVER WORK, GOD DID IT EVER.)

I have to admit, though, if I ever met a young lady with an "Art Linkletter sticker" on her notebook/iPad I'd be either very aroused, or very frightened. Probably both.

Here we have a portrait of Dr Ton, tonnin' it up in his history class. God bless his fish-stick-stinkin'- sweater-vest-wearin' soul. May he be slamming dictionaries in heaven to wake up the angels!!

At last, we bid farewell to the seniors and bid hello to the seniors. Last verse same as the first. Le Roi est mort, etc etc. There's something profound in all this, but I'll be damned as to what it is.

I'm still waiting for Dr. Johnston to pay me for these cartoons.... (And to get laid.)

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