Monday, March 16, 2015

But Is It Torture?

I was a pretty lonely kid back in 1977. I didn't have a girlfriend, or the internet, or a computer to make love to every night as I hear is so popular with the kids these days.

So I retreated into my own fantasy world. A world replete with inept drawings and left-foot characterizations. But at least it was original!

I loved drawing guns. Lots and lots and lots of guns. Too bad the school counselor didn't get a look at some of these. I could have gotten out of school!

I was also heavily into bondage fantasies. But what eleven-year-old kid isn't??

WR1-10 comes with his own attachments. And he helps others with their detachments, if you catch my meaning.

Maybe I should have gotten out more and played in the fresh air?


Next Week: Thirty panels of reattachment surgery ha ha

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