Monday, February 2, 2015

You Blundering Fool;!

See, in this galaxy far far away they put the semi-colon before the exclamation point. LEARN THE RULES PEOPLE

This week's action catches our robot heroes in a bit of a muddle.

"You blundering fool;! Shoot them down immiedatly!"

"Sir? The.... Wait, are you calling me a blundering fool? I didn't even say anything yet! And how can I be a fool when I have these two electrical diode thingies on the sides of my head??"

"You blundering fool;! You are a big dummy:!:;"

"You know what? I'm sick of this shit. If you want to destroy them yourself, then prepare your own-- What? That's the next panel? Jesus. I quit."

WR1-10's headquarters are understandably awesome for a vacuum cleaner that has conquered the galaxy. In a display case on the wall he has an assault rifle displayed prominently, a family heirloom apparently. Suck it, Wolf of Wall Street!!

On the far right I'm assuming that's a picture of WR1-10's kids and family dog. Hey, even Hitler liked his dogs.

In the next panel, as WR1-10 shakes with rage, a closer inspection shows us that WR1-10's hand manipulators are less than optimal.

But maybe it's helpful when you're trying to suck out those goddamn Fritos in the couch cushions?

Meanwhile, our Star-Men heroes are shouting out what's happening so we won't get confused at home.

But the city is pretty cool. There are giant guns on the tops of every building! Oh, when will those fat cats in Washington get us something like this?!

Next Week: Lasers, Robots, 'Splosions... What the hell more do you people want?

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