Monday, February 23, 2015

Range Rover Come Over... Er, Don't

In this increasingly pointless installment of GALAXY WARS, we find that our Star-men are very confused about what they are trying to do. And isn't that a cogent metaphor for our lives. No...? All right. Screw you, then.

Another fabulous panel filled with 'splosions and laser blasts arcing across the sky like Liberace copulating with Matt Damon, for some reason. But let's catch the action now...

"Oh, are we in range?? Thanks, Star-dick. I can see right 
outside my window the panoramic view of our imminent death!"

Tragically, the Star-men are lacking a Sarcas-O-Meter, which might not help them in their war against evil vacuum cleaners but at least they'd be hip to the scene. The star scene. (Hmmm, this thing is not detecting the sarcasm. Maybe it's not in range...? Ah! We forgot to turn it on!)

"We have to conserve our range. Hasn't anyone seen the Al Gore movie?!"

Range or no, the Star-man at least gets a receipt to place on the dash of his starship. Because WR1-10 won't just let you park on his planet for free--that's how he gets you!!

Next Week: Just 194 pages to go!!!!

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