Monday, February 9, 2015

It's All In The Exucution

The excitement ratchets up in this installment of GALAXY WARS as the star-men try to pull some sort of "trick" and Gala-xa... Er, WR1-10 is on to their tired shit. Also, lasers go pweuui pweuu!

In the first panel, we have a Star-man holding on to his, uh, control stick. Gripping it really, really hard. And then he's going to put it in "remote control." If you catch his star meaning.

"Let me just get comfortable and lean back here.... Ahhhhh....."

But our intrepid vacuum cleaner is having none of it. And it's a straight shooter: it says everything out loud that it thinks. (Unfortunately, I've known too many people like this.) "Unfortunately, I've known too many people like this."

I think showing the thoughts and then speaking them is a decided improvement in the dramatic arts. Imagine Hamlet this way:

To be or not to be, thought Prince Hamlet.

"TO BE OR NOT TO BE," declaimed Prince Hamlet. Aside: "Yeah, that oughta hold 'em. Wait... did I say that out loud."

Meanwhile, the Star-men have landed and they are firing gobs and gobs of their fiery, uh, stuff at all those robots. (It's embarrassing to have my fantasies out in the open like this.)

"It's embarrassing to have my fantasies out... Hey, it's a trick!"

And, sadly, no one is falling for it.

So since the Star-men will probably be held captive (clearly the author was unclear on his point, since he was hopped up on juice box after juice box), we get the poignant scene between the heads of two robots.

 Uh, framing? Why so much negative space above? Admittedly, there are some cool oblongs up there, but shouldn't the frame be tight on the dramatic nuances of the robots and... uh, never mind. Well done, Boy Greg. WELL DONE

Next Week: "Well done."

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