Monday, June 9, 2014

I Get Tried Of Doing This! So Very, Very Tried....

Speaking generally, is there anything more wonderful than blasting your laser gun at little rats so much that your finger starts to cramp?

Yes, in fact there is: getting all your buddies to fire their guns at once in order to create a cataclysmic fireball so vast that it incinerates all the rats and a sizable portion of the planetary ecosystem!

Speaking of awesome, isn't it great to have the narration and dialogue in such perfect sync so the reader at home doesn't feel lost?

Kiligula had an idea.

"Wait," said Kiligula. "I've got an idea!"

This novel is rather idiotic.

"Hell," said the author, "this novel is rather idiotic!"

Stop copying me.

"Stop copying me!"

I'm a big stupid idiot who should punch himself in the face.

"I'm a big--- Hey!"

Next Week: Manuel gets covered in rats, glorious rats. At least there's one fan of this kind of fiction.

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