Monday, May 5, 2014

Pre-Freudianism, The Musical, The Ride

If GALAXY REVOLT has taught us anything, and it hasn't, it's taught us that people who insist on getting the last word are AWESOME.

Especially when the last word is lunkhead. (Because a head full of lunk is a terrible thing to taste.) As for Craig, I think his Homeric epithet should be "Still Arguing Craig."

"Rosy-fingered dawn appeared on gray-eyed Athena's titty as still-arguing Craig sharted his toga, lo!..."

But why all the bickering when a key happens to be in a glowing hole? *checks internet pornography* Yep, there's a site for that:

Mmmmmmmmm yeah.

Next Week: Kiligula goes balistigula.

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