Monday, February 24, 2014


As GALAXY REVOLT just keeps giving, we get more action than Bruce Willis on steroids harboring a four-hour-ish boner while watching Spike TV.

All of eleven years old, drawing space splosions with my colored pencils, I spent many a gay hour hoping that George Lucas would at least return my phone calls. Turns out, the guy's really touchy about getting dead "Ewoks" in his mailbox. And wasn't I a bit young to have a restraining order?

"What's a reshtaining odor?" I lisped in court to my lawyer. Awww, I was as cute as I was felonious!

Anyway, enough precious memories. Time to check out what's on the Spike Channel today!

Er, I think I'll stick to my laser battles. They're gay, but not this gay.

Next Week: Well equiped ship, well equiped ship, well equiped ship!

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