Friday, May 3, 2013

Freak Out!!

In this JOHNSON FOLLY (April 11, 1979), the folly consists in having a dog speak, and then for the characters in said cartoon to freak the fuck out. How do we get laughs? We EAAARRN them.

Okay, okay. Listen up, people. Number 49 is in control of this... scene, whatever it is. 49 naturally takes the Negro first and everything is running smoothly. Then not only does Snoopy speak but he picks Greg of all people--now it's time to panic. The panic is so severe indeed that 49's iliac bone dislocates and even the number 49 itself quivers and melts.

In case the scene isn't hysterical enough, we have another character scream directly into the reader's face. Got your attention yet, punk?

Maybe that's what this guy was screaming about?

"My next-door neighbor's dog just spoke! Aieeeeee!!"

But screaming just isn't enough. There's also mass fainting. Clifford yells "FREAK OUT!!" as he flees. Can someone from the African-American community confirm this type of behavior?

Snoopy is not alone in the canine kingdom when it comes to speaking, regrettably. Is there any way we can get them ALL to stop speaking? Surely the scientists can do something.

Dear God, please, please do something.

Next Week: The cast learns that Supertramp is breaking up.

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