Friday, November 16, 2012

Prophylactic Funnies

How were we living back in the swingin' Seventies? For one, we had rabbit ears on our TV consoles. Secondly, we had armrest protectors screwed in with little spiral thingamajigs. And thricely, dogs were toxic, mutant beasts that ripped humans apart at any available opportunity. No doubt President Carter's fault.

Greg, after having dropped the dog cage on his toe and living to tell about it and sup cocoa, now decides that the "stupid" dog should be let out. In the living room. Among the fine china and rabbit ears. Yeah, that sounds about right. Mark, however, being an intellectual and wearing a wok to enhance his IQ, gets his hand out of his honey pocket long enough to advise Greg on the sitch.

"Potently dangerous..." "Needs proper adjusting to are livestyle..." Snoopy looks at Mark like the dumbshit he is. And he's the one locked up in the cage?!?

Mark asks Greg to follow him, jabbing his finger into the back of his head--something we used to do a lot back in the seventies because of John Travolta.

And then the punch line: "I think this is just a bit to much protection..."

Be honest, men, how often have you said that to your special lady?


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