Monday, October 22, 2012


Maps and Characterization (suddenly spelled right, whuzzah?) inexorably continue their onward march in today's heaping helping of GALAXY REVOLT.

To round out the narrative, we have a few more characters who will be forever etched in the minds of readers for generations to come:

Manuel-- He's the former owner of Rex. And who, pray, is Rex? Read on, impatient reader! Read on! And prepare to have screams of boredom ripped from your throat!

Kiligula-- He's the mysterious type. Not content with marrying his horse and spreading terror throughout the empire, he also has powers that average creatures don't. Like spelling his name with a "K." Kaveat emptor!

Rex-- The main robot and, like most robots, he's lovable. You know, like the robot from the beloved Japanese folded-poster classic TOO MUCH:

Speaking of cute, sushi-devouring robots, whatever happened to the excitement around the Segway? Wasn't it supposed to transform our future into a laser-gun-filled musclar treat? Instead it's as humdrum as the Jetsons seem now.

On the opposite page you will notice yet another bookly accoutrement--the Forward. This one however has been tragically left blank. Short story long, I tried to get John Updike but he was tied up at the time making the Terminator movies. I then tried to get Toni Morrison, Robert Heinlein, and Bruce Willis, all to no avail. In the end, I think the Forward's mute white-whale blankness speaks volumes as to what a man knows about a woman. AMIRITE

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  1. Perhaps our 8-year-old son could write the Forward (sic) for you. You two seem similarly occupied with POOP.