Friday, September 7, 2012


On to page 3 of the JOHNSON FOLLIES. Hold on to your funny bones, folks, because you won't be needing them!!

Perspective was invented in Quattrocento Italian painting, but had failed to reach Denver in the late Seventies. The house in the first panel would make M C Escher sob with forlorn delight, had he wanted to do something this idiotic. Then again, maybe it's like that house in House of Leaves?*

Panel 2 has a poignant scene of Chris jumping up on his polio-afflicted legs, spastically spitting about a "neatoo" "housey." Silly besweatered retard.

For those aficionados of life drawing, there is a heroic ongoing attempt to draw figures in action: Mark walking against wind in panel 3; Mark holding up the border in panel 4; Mark moon-walking while doing the Twist in panel 5; lastly, Greg holding out his hand in exhaustion as if to say "Oy vey" (which would have been a much funnier punchline). Kudos to the artist!

What a sad, lonely little boy who drew this. Pace resquieat!


* Obligatory reference to something intellectual here.

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