Monday, September 3, 2012

Hard Labor

Are gun fights "bad"? This is the ethical, legal, and moral question raised in our latest installment of GALAXY REVOLT. 

No, they are not bad. They are AWESOME. Why? Because they lead to feeble jumps for complexes; through the window; crashing through, into a complex they didn't even know who owned, the complex. Note the careful rhythmic structure, the measured dactyl spondees, and, verily, the sprung Hopkins-esque cadence, that makes us all jump for feeble joy.

Husky and his master crash through windows and are, luckily; not being pursued by a new enemy. But who is Hamlet? I mean, who is Husky? (An understandable confusion.) He is brave, and gets into bad gun fights, as usual, as he helps his master. When outnumbered, he feebly propels himself through windows in order to fight bad gun fights another day. Stout, stalwart, doughty, doughy, husky... he is HUSKY.

Husky immediately...

What? What? you don't ask. Well, you'll just have to not tune in next week to not find out some incredibly boring shit.

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