Monday, August 27, 2012

A Story Is Born

Prologues were used by ancient dramatists like Aeschylus and even by Shakespeare himself, so it was only natural that one would happen to be used for GALAXY REVOLT. Here, instead of the Danaids extolling the wisdom of Priam or fair Bithynia described in intricate Alexandrian couplets, we learn about the immortal TRIO, and how they; formed. It turns out they are our epic heroes in this story of derring-do and dog doo-doo.
While the epic doesn't exactly start with a visual, or with compelling action, or with anything of any significance at all, it does place us in narrative time. "Now," to be exact.
And indeed no time is wasted. The question burning in the eager reader's mind is immediately addressed: how did they happen to come along each other?? 
(Note the world-weary tone. Are you bugging me AGAIN to tell you how Trio came along each other? Fine, I guess I might as
well explain, it. Sheesh.)
Ominously, our tale begins on solomacas day, when the two season changed. The weather is cold, blowing, with a chance of mispunctuation. Feel the frisson, reader! The tension! Norman Rockwell-esque images of solomacas carolers and flag wavers and crosses burning teasingly flit through one's mind, along with poignant scenes of consumptive Victorian families gathering around the solomacas creche where one and all set aside their differences and celebrate one non-specific season changing non-specifically into another non-specific season. Joyeaux!
Then we meet our TRIO. They are our future. By a lucky coincidence, there are three of them:
Mark, typical of a hero, was out roaming about looking for an argument. His thing was dialectical materialism, but he found few willing to debate him. The poor fellow was all backed up.
Craig (no relation) which was your normal guy (not mine) had been out shopping for a new laser gun (but evidently he was now finished and getting a solomacas basket for his in-laws). Lousy laser guns, always breaking when you needed to shop for one!
And Husky which; was musclar and a body gaurd for some trouble-some guy, seemed to get in a few gun fights because to fight with just your fists was stupid and boring. Besides, he already had his new laser gun recently purchased at Sharper Image.
O! The scene is set! And what scene is this, asks the breathless reader?! Comes the coy response: You'll have to tune in next Monday, where we find ourselves feebly propelled into a scene; of stuff and so, on.....

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